B&B Casa 1940

House 1940 is an amazing construction property of the family.

This great casa resemble the art deco style, very popular at the 30s and 40s. If you like to know more about this architectonical period check the Habana Art Deco Tour.

  • Balcony with a great front sea view.
  • Refrigerator, fan, air condicionated.
  • Save Box
  • Supported by CasaHabana 1932 and Trip Advisor
B&B Casa 1940
B&B Casa 1940
B&B Casa 1940
B&B Casa 1940
B&B Casa 1940
B&B Casa 1940
B&B Casa 1940
B&B Casa 1940
B&B Casa 1940
Contact Info

Campanario # 63 bajos
, between San Lázaro
and Lagunas. Havana Center.
Havana City.

Phone Number:
0053-7 863 62 03

Email: casahabana@gmail.com

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