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Poetry to Havana, for its 500 years

It's Havana's inspiration from my grandparents, walking through the bay of sunken galleons.

Of consecrated poets, and others anonymous. Havana de Huracanes, History and testimony of syncretic Creole religions. The one of the Andarín Carvajal.

Havana of magical loves as the unforgettable story of Catalina Lasa and Juan Pedro. Havana of notorious pirates and corsairs. The most universal of Cubans.

Of mythical characters like Yarini, of Carnivals and waste of colors, of feelings provoked by the contagious rhythm of a rumba or the persistent desire of the great Leal to save her, of His restored capitol, or the nose with his example of stoicism.

Havana if my eyes left you, Havana beautiful Havana. Habana de Paradiso and garden. And by Cecilia Valdes and Teatro Martí.

Let's walk Havana love and remember the Knight of Paris and his circle.

Wait from the Christ to a rainbow that poses in the bay.

To a saved pelican, to a hopeful fisherman, to a child to an old man.

Havana of cars and ferries and trams of almendrones and camels, and gazelles, The one of the great tunnel.

Language only suitable for Cubans.

I can not hide anymore, I love you.

White sheets hanging on the balconies. Mojito in the bodeguita or Orrely 304. Hemingway flower, bishop street of legends, merchants street and its chocolate turned into a museum, La Guarida strawberry and chocolate restaurant. Doña Eutimia and its traditional food. Hotels such as Parque Central, guest houses like Casa 1932 with its award for excellence. The hill and its Coppelia.

Parisien and Tropicana.

The Art Factory or simply Factory.

Cimafunk, the revelation.

There have been many who have sung to that city our wonder, I love Havana deeply and would not have the courage to leave it ever, could not survive the absence of its sea, guarded by the endless wall of the pier, and is that there is a little of me in every part of her and a little of her in me. Havana is chiseled in my soul with all its people, its traditions and its history.

Luis Miguel

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