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Hershey Train

Hershey Train is indeed one of the most authentic artifacts of our industrial heritage, made in Pennsylvania by Hersey Corporation.
Milton S. Hershey (1857-1945), great visionary, buys in Cuba lots of sugar cane acres, for his chocolate, which eventually would become famous: Hershey Chocolate.
The train begins to roll on 1920; Hershey created a railroad line from his central to Havana port and to Matanzas city at the west.
At first it was used a steam train but in 1921 this was changed by an electric train, becoming the first a unique of its type in Cuba.
This railroad network guarantied the workers transportation and also passenger and merchandise, becoming a key part in his business.
After the Second World War, Hershey sold his central and the rail road to “Cuban-Atlantic Sugar Company”. In 1957 the sugar magnate Julio Lobo bought it again.
Today it’s a touristic attraction. Due to its age this museum on wheels is not in optimal conditions, but we want to recommend it as a travel in time.

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